Hands-free collaboration with smart glasses and voice control

A multi-way collaborative communication for real time coaching, monitoring and repair work troubleshooting purpose. Solusight is being used to help intelligently guide and remotely, support frontline workers in a wide range of industrial use cases

Key Benefits

Reduce travelling to save time

Cut down overseas traveling cost

Real time coaching, troubleshooting with multi-way collaborative communication

Video recording to document important work flow or process as evidence

Paperless form or checklist filling

Zooming and Exposure adjustment for clarity on the fly

Realwear can command the glass to zoom up to 5X and exposure for lighting is adjusted with voice command for picture sharpness. The Realwear glass view simulate a 7” tablet screen.

Voice Command operation of Glasses for Safety on site

Realwear enables the field personnel to use their two hand to perform tasks required. Voice command further enhance the safety of field personnel in high risk environment when they have use of the two hand to perform task in the field.

Using voice, the wearer can issue command to change the setting, in particularly the zoom feature to capture images that would give the command center live feed. At the same time, safety is increased as expert in the session can advise glass wearer with instruction.

Private Hosting for confidentiality

Solusight is privately hosted in the cloud behind the firewall for confidentiality. The server are not shared to ensure quality. The server is cloud based.

Session search and easy retrieval of video recording

Solusight has a gallery to store video and images. There is a search function to find the archived folder or video recording. Search by key words and date.

The Gallery is a permanent feature of Solusight Augmented Reality System.

Supported Devices